Fragment No. 3, 2009 (excerpt)
Running time: continuous loop / HD / colour

A fragment from a Hebraic bible was found on the ground of the synagogue in Tagadirt, located in a small village in southern Morocco. This short video should be played as a continuous loop.

Camera: Sylvia Safdie
Editing: Patrick Andrew Boivin, Brigitte Dajczer, Sylvia Safdie
Audio: Silent

         Sometimes, something buried reveals itself,
         Clearly, silently, motionlessly; then it disappears.

         Stones are dust,
         Life is breath.

Note: The subject of the Moroccan series concerns the Jewish Berbers of southern Morocco who lived there for 2500 years. The work is a poetic evocation of a place and marks the dispersion of a society from its home, its place of origin. It is the result of research, interviews and several trips that I made to southern Morocco, starting in 1981 that culminated in a series of videos, photographs and drawings.