Sumitra Maina, 2008

Sumitra Maina, 2008 (excerpt) Running time: 4:58 minutes / SD / colour Sumitra Maina sings with the Mithu Khan Langa Group during the 2007 Rajasthan International Folk Festival. The repetition of the verse and melody begins to haunt us as we listen to the piercing voice behind the veil. Camera: Sylvia Safdie Editing: Brigitte Dajczer, … Read More

Song, 2008

Song, 2008 (excerpt) Running time: 5:20 / SD / colour During the Rajasthan International Folk Festival several musical groups from different regions of Rajasthan got together and preformed at the end of the afternoon. The camera focused on Padmaran’s face, one of the musicians as he absorbs and responds to the music. Camera: Sylvia Safdie … Read More

Rajasthan (Red), 2008

Rajasthan Red, 2008 (excerpt) Running time: 5:48 / SD / colour Light flickering on a red ground heightens the pulsating and edgy sound of a song preformed by a Rajasthan folklore group that originated from the Nayak tradition. The song was recorded on location during the Rajasthan International Folk Festival, 2007. Camera: Sylvia Safdie Editing: … Read More

Late Afternoon Raga, 2008

Late Afternoon Raga, 2008 (excerpt) Running time: 5:15 minutes / SD / colour In this diptych the relationship between sound/image, image/sound extends the rhythm and pulse of the music of a traditional classical “Rag”. Faiyaz Al Kahn plays the Sarangii, Babalu Verma plays the Tabla on a late afernnon, October 2007 in Veranasi, India. Camera: … Read More

Lori, 2008

Lori, 2008 (excerpt) Running time: 4:15 minutes / SD / black & white In this diptych music, light, shadow, reflection all come together to create a dialogue between sound/image, image/sound. Lori Freedman plays an improvisation on bass clarinet. Camera: Sylvia Safdie Editing: Brigitte Dajczer, Sylvia Safdie Audio: Lori Freedman, bass clarinet About the musician: Conspicuously … Read More