Morning, 2009 (excerpt)
Running time: 1:33 minutes / HD / colour

In the distance of a dark long tunneled Kasbah road we see an opening with light – the silhouette of a woman with a child on her back emptying a pail of water appears from light and disappears into light.

Location: The entrance to the mellah (the Jewish quarter in Amzrou), a kasbah in Southern Morocco.

Camera: Sylvia Safdie
Editing: Patrick Andrew Boivin, Sylvia Safdie
Audio: Silent

         a young man announces
         “this is the entrance to the Mellah”
         the Jewish quarter
         but they are gone”

         a square patch of light
         at the other end of the tunnel,
         the dance of a woman with a child on her back
         holding a bucket
         in a splash
         she disappears