Larnaca No. 3, 2017
Running time: 11:44 minutes / HD / colour

Reflection of light on the Mediterranean. Filmed in Larnaca, Cypress at 2 o’clock in the afternoon on November 15th, 2014.

Camera: Sylvia Safdie
Editing: Patrick Andrew Boivin, Sylvia Safdie
Audio: Silent

For the past several years I have spent hours observing moving waters in rivers, lakes, oceans and seas. This process has often guided my travels. I have become captivated by the way they disclose their secret anatomy, by their life force, by their continuous rhythms of movement and transformation and by the way they capture and reflect light.

“Filmed in Cypress, the Larnaca series, isolates a fragment of water whose material movement is heightened by the intense and mesmerizing Mediterranean sun, which shimmers on the ocean and transforms it into a play of light-refracting water. Larnaca No. 3, (2017), explores dynamic movement and texture by splitting the screen so that the glistening oceans are divided and appear to flow into the centre. It is at once familiar but disorienting – transforming what could be described as the subjective phenomenological experience into a means of engagement that is emergent and vibrant. In this regard, it might also be possible to conceive of these waters as having their own agency, actions and histories.”*

*2018, These Waters Have Stories to Tell., Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea,
Wales, pg.12. Celina Jeffery.