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Sylvia Safdie was born in Aley, Lebanon in 1942, grew up in Israel, and moved to Canada in 1953. She lives and works in Montreal. She obtained a BFA from Concordia University in 1975. Her work has been shown in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia.


Through her paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations, and by the use of natural materials such as sand, earth and dust, Sylvia Safdie’s work is both poetic and meditative. Her video art, begun in 2001, can be seen as a natural extension of her previous work in static media; these videos become a moving canvas on which to explore ideas of space and time, stasis and movement, embodiment and nature.


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2003    Galerie d'art Leonard & Bina Ellen, Irena Zantovská Murray

2000    Sylvia Safdie: Autres territories/Other Places, Centre culturel de l'Ambassade du Canada, Paris. Texte de Gérard Wajcman.

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2000   Sylvia Safdie, Earth Marks - Gardienne des pierres, a film by Doina Harap, documentary, 48 minutes (English and French versions)


Paul Kuhn Gallery,

Galerie Joyce Yahouda,